Ipad Apps Download

I seem to have no end of trouble downloading apps to my IPAD. Most of the time it returns a message saying "xxx app can not be downloaded at this time". I think it is related to the speed of my ADSL connection,, in that it checks the speed and decides it is not fast enough !
Also have auto update set and when an update is due, the app can sit for days in the Update que making multiple attempts to update.
I'm sure i have the correct "boxes ticked" in the set up, but may be not ?

geek_andrew1954, Jun 25, 7:07 pm

Are you sure it's not related to your Apple id? Password? Payment details. Something need updating.
Just a guess.

geek_cjohnw, Jun 25, 7:14 pm

Have you got enough space for the download? we have had a similar error message and after removing some files and a reboot of the ipad the download went through ok.

geek_woagan, Jul 23, 10:14 pm

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