Good technician wanted in chch

Any advice on finding a technician to sort my Internet problems please

geek_sheryl51, May 12, 9:42 am

You have access to some very skilled techs right here. Why don't you detail the problem it's likely you'll get a free fix

geek_nice_lady, May 12, 9:52 am

MS support will phone up any day now and fix alllll the issues with you PC ans credit card

geek_pozzie-nz, May 13, 5:51 am

If you provide your phone number, I'll get my mate Abdul to call you and resolve your issues.

geek_moltenfire, May 14, 7:32 pm

Yes, report back

geek_jcmp21, May 14, 7:33 pm

Report back

geek_jcmp21, Nov 5, 4:07 pm

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