Btw, can I operate my computer from.

olack, May 20, 5:42am
. my mobile telephone and pay only for a mobile telephone plan and get out of paying the hefty ISP bills. I mean, I did get Bluetooth to finally work between my mobile phone and my PC which means I no longer need to think about flashing my mobile telephone rom to get to use the GB's SD card in the mobile telephone. Is this possible in regards to saving some dollars?

budgel, May 20, 6:01am
You can, but it works out more expensive and slower for anything more than basic usage. Talk to your cellphone company.

suicidemonkey, May 20, 6:22am
You want to use your mobile internet instead of broadband? That's an extremely expensive way of doing things.

pozzie-nz, May 20, 6:45am
If your usage is low then a 4G phone is as fast as most basic internet,

suicidemonkey, May 20, 7:02am
It's a lot faster than ADSL broadband, but a lot more expensive.

olack, May 20, 1:04pm
It was an idea that came from um. thanks. It is no longer an idea.

mazdasix, Nov 1, 8:22pm
If ur a really light user (just browsing web pages, very little/no videos or media content) then it's possibly feasible. But considering ur paying about $20 per GB for mobile data, regular broadband is gonna b cheaper for 99% of ppl.

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