Keyboard and mouse won't work

dawn1, Feb 28, 7:44am
Anyone got any ideas why my keyboard and mouse won't work on my desktop computer? It's been about a year since I used it. but I want to watch a dvd on my desktop and I turn it on only to find it won't work. I thought it was the keyboard that wasn't working, so I brought a new one, but it seems there is more to the problem. I can't log in without the keyboard working.

loud_37, Feb 28, 7:49am
is it a corded mouse and keyboard or wireless

dawn1, Feb 28, 8:51am
both corded usb

soodanim, Mar 1, 1:00pm
Does any USB device work in the USB ports that the mouse and keyboard are connected too? In the device manager are there any "Unknown" devices showing with a ! ?

sqidlie, Mar 1, 1:05pm
OP wont be able to get that far
Bios needs to see the keyboard

soodanim, Mar 1, 1:53pm
Seeing as it was working previously. Turn the PC on and take them out and try different ports and restart the PC. Sounds like there some driver conflict. Have you tried the keyboard/mouse on another PC?

They are connected at the back of the PC? Have you tried the front USB ports?

dawn1, Mar 1, 9:42pm
Yes, I've tried front and back. I can't get them to work on either. The USB ports used to work.

soodanim, Mar 1, 9:58pm
OK so the pc hasn't been in use for 1 year? It could be just broken :) What operating system does it have on it?

With the keyboard and mouse restart . can you keep tapping the delete key (depending on the motherboard/bios type. it maybe F2 or F10. look when it's starting up for "Press XX for setup" or similar ) or even F8 to try and get into safe mode and see if you get any movement while it's booting . try to get into the bios and if you do or safe mode. you are looking for keyboard settings. even if the mouse isn't working if the keyboard does, you'll be able navigate with the arrow keys, tab and enter. just be careful in the bios. don't go changing things if you aren't sure what they are.

dawn1, Mar 1, 10:47pm
Pretty sure it's not 'broken'. It's got XP Professional on it. It starts up fine, but gets to the password screen and can't go further. Ok. PC recovery is starting up now.

mrfxit, Mar 1, 11:01pm
Simple solution.

Borrow a PS2 type keyboard , plug it in with the computer turned OFF.

I get this from time to time with testing computers.
For whatever reason, the USB ports are not active randomly, on some computers from time to time

dawn1, Mar 1, 11:16pm
Yes. I've got it working. I found a keyboard and mouse USB to I-don't-know-what connector and tried plugging those in, and now it works.

dawn1, Mar 1, 11:18pm
My next trick will be trying to get this baby connected to the internet. but maybe another day. Just admiring my AWESOME desktop wallpaper at the moment that I had forgotten about.

dawn1, Mar 1, 11:20pm
826 days since I ran a system scan apparently. I know I used this computer last year to watch dvd's. so I guess I've been neglecting this computer a little bit.

soodanim, Jun 26, 4:06pm
Well. check out the USB drivers while you're in there :) it's probably the ps/2 connector like mrfixit was talking about.

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