Why wont my printer work anymore?

marilynmonroe, Sep 30, 12:04pm
Ive been using an Epson stylus c59 on my computer for about 7 yrs and replacing the ink with a compatible ink for years .Now the printer keeps saying one of the inks is low and yet Ive just replaced them.I have inks for Africa and im going nuts.Even reinstalled the drivers.Help please.

hakatere1, Sep 30, 4:20pm
Try new original set. New chips etc, may find new ones make a change. Or try http://www.fixyourownprinter.com/

lythande1, Sep 30, 5:35pm
Print head could be the fault. Do a clean on it, and if it continues, it's probably needing a new print head.

nice_lady, Sep 30, 6:07pm
New "official" ink or a new print head would cost more than a new printer

nzdoug, Sep 30, 6:09pm
Printers are cheap.
Might be time to upgrade.

wenpen, Sep 30, 6:39pm
Same printer for seven years, that's epic.

skin1235, Sep 30, 7:28pm
do they have a page count, it may have exceeded that, check google to see if there is a method to reset the counter

-bookzone-, Sep 30, 8:15pm
I have had that 'low ink after installation' alert happen, and I think it was to do with the ink cartridge being stored upside down, which made the cartridge appear almost empty. Making sure they were stored the right way up for at least 5 days before installing them seemed to fix this problem.

Not really sure if this *was* the cause, but you're meant to store them the right way up - according to what i found on Google. Oddly, the Epson cartridges are upside down in the packet you buy them in, which means they spend most of their time that way, so I don't know why Epson are doing the opposite of what's recommended!

marilynmonroe, Sep 30, 9:44pm
Ok thanks for the messages ill plug the printer back in now and see what dosn;t happen. Will also go to fixyourownprinter.com.

marilynmonroe, Sep 30, 9:47pm
Ok just tried to print and this is what it says.Epson recommends the genuine Epson cartridges listed above. Click the How to button for ink cartridge replacement instructions.I just changed that yesterday. GRRRRRRRRRR

pcmaster, Sep 30, 9:53pm
not really I had one inkjet that I was using for 20 years
I only ever bought original ink for it though

marilynmonroe, Sep 30, 10:02pm
Ok well ive just been to that website and they don't have my model of all the models on there.geeeeeeeeee

suicidemonkey, Sep 30, 10:05pm
Buy a new printer. They don't last forever. 7 years is more than most of them last. You'll get a new Epson from Warehouse Stationery for ~$100

marilynmonroe, Sep 30, 10:08pm
ive just boiught all these new inks

pcmaster, Sep 30, 10:09pm
isnt there a bug in the software in regard to low ink level indicators on some epson printers and a patch to bypass it or something?

this issue was doing the rounds a few years back, and seems to surface every now & again

pcmaster, Sep 30, 10:12pm

marilynmonroe, Sep 30, 10:14pm
pc can u message me some how.txt maybe 0223466202

marilynmonroe, Oct 7, 3:04am
ok I went to that website and man I am not computer savvy.

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