ITunes movie rental

honeysacat, Apr 21, 12:12am
Rented the movie interstellar from iTunes just to see what the service was like.
The playback was terrible, kind of like a slideshow which completely killed the movie.
Has anyone else rented movies from itunes? If so how was your experience?

doggitt, Apr 21, 12:31am
Never had that problem. What sort of Internet connection do you have?

honeysacat, Apr 21, 12:41am
The movie was downloaded to hard drive so internet speed can't have been an issue.

doggitt, Apr 21, 12:46am
Fair enough. How was it played to your tv?

honeysacat, Apr 21, 1:07am
Hdmi to TV, playback was also bad on the normal desktop monitor

king1, Apr 21, 1:11am
that would tend to indicate the cpu isn't up to spec. if your running something like an old Pentium or even a modern cheapie CPU it can struggle with 1080p or even 720p movies

brycer, Apr 21, 1:26am
so you rented or bought? If bought then its just a HD video so has to be your hardware or setup. If rented then more likely a bandwidth or lack of problem. Can you stream other HD content ok on the same device?

honeysacat, Apr 21, 2:06am
Rented, was downloaded and saved to iTunes folder as a 6.5 GB m4a file. (1080p)
When I started watching it iTunes said I had 48 hours to finish watching.

cafc2012, Apr 21, 3:00am
Do you know the specifications of your computer, in particularly the processor, RAM and video card?

suicidemonkey, Apr 21, 3:05am
Sounds like a computer issue

honeysacat, Apr 21, 4:33am
AMDPhenomII x4 @4Ghz, 8GB DDR2 800. Nvidia GTX960 2GB

cafc2012, Apr 21, 4:48am
Well, that rules out any hardware bottlenecks, that kit should happliy playback video. I assume your iTunes and quicktime are utodate? The only other though I have is that its a read issue from your HDD, but give the manufacture age of the processor and video card I'm guessing your not storing the files on an ancient disk?

cafc2012, Apr 21, 4:50am
And in answer to the other part of you questions, I've rented films from iTunes without issue, and played back on older kit that yours. In fact the only digital rental service I have had problems with was Amazon Prime, which was terribly laggy (but that was streaming, not with the whole film cached to a HDD)

king1, Jan 28, 4:14am
you can use hdtune to test the HDD speed just in case,

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