Spark Unlimited Fibre Plan

bouncy555, Apr 21, 10:27pm
Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that the unlimited plan is really slow? Spark tells me that they no longer traffic manage. But just changed to this unlimited plan. I was previously on an old 150gig data per month plan.
On my old plan I could easily watch youtube and have a couple of downloads going at the same time no problem. But now if I have even one download going at only 200kbs per second in the background youtube videos start to buffer and pages take ages to load. it sucks! And by the way I use a cable to connect to my modem not wireless. I phoned them and just ended up on hold for an hour before I eventually hung up

mrfxit, Apr 21, 10:49pm
Could easily be that a lot of ppl in YOUR area have unlimited fiber plans which would "traffic manage" it's self to some degree.
Could also be a fair bit of connection work happening in your area which can temporarily effect the local speeds

king1, Apr 21, 11:50pm
I was under the impression unlimited plans were pooled into a different data pipe so that it would not affect the capped plans

spyware, Apr 22, 3:37am
What DNS severs are you using? If you aren't using Spark ones then you could be connecting to a Youtube CDN in another part of the world. Are you using Unotelly or another smart DNS service addresses on your routing device?

beserkerang, Apr 22, 5:42am
I doubt they are traffic managing. Have you tried different browsers? Flushing Dns? Power cycling modem? Some people were having issues with HTTP, and for some it came right and others required a static IP address. Also might pay to check if you are on the right broadband profile(gets stuffed up quite often). Try and calling around 8:00-8:30am.

bouncy555, Apr 22, 7:13am
Yip I've done all of the above and I'm using /

beserkerang, Apr 22, 10:36pm
Have you tried Sparks DNS servers instead? Rather than Googles.

1337n00b, Apr 25, 11:20am
on spark umlimited on westcoast south island, speed is same as before i switched from 150gb. connection is perfect and always same speed. no proplems for me.

cookee_nz, Apr 25, 11:46am
What speeds are you actually getting? (

fifi21, Apr 26, 7:09am
8.3 download.wellington server
Is that bad ?

motig, Apr 26, 8:16am
It is if your cable. Our copper wire adsl gives us 8-10.

suicidemonkey, Jan 12, 9:08pm
Yes that's bad, same as regular ADSL.

The fiber plans are either 30 or 100mbit download depending on which one you're on.

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