CPU NB VID control

I overclocked my phenom CPU without overclocking ram or use ram divider, because of the mobo' CMOS/bios allows overclocking just the CPU without effecting the ram.
HT link and CPU NB FREQUENCY has both been overclocked from 2000 to 2200mhz. Please let me know do I need to increase the CPU NB VID control voltage since the HT LINK has been increased by 10%? Others say it only matters if FSB and ram has been overclocked.

geek_microft768, Aug 6, 1:11 pm

Run some stability tests to see if it's stable.

I run my NB at 2400MHz and have had to bump the voltage up slightly.

You could always just add a SMALL (in the 10's of mV) increase to the voltage as a precaution - don't go nuts though it's allegedly sensitive to overvolting.

geek_lugee, Aug 7, 2:24 pm

Hi. My main concern is whether HT link is in the north bridge? CPU NB VID control voltage is all I care about. No way my rig can run stable at 2400mhz by upping the NB voltage. I only noticed increase in FPS by upping the HT Link as well. No stability issues at all if I let the CPU NB VID control voltage stay at NORMAL or any higher. Though I sometimes experienced FAR CRY 4 paused still for seconds before resuming gameplay, but should fix it by upping more in the CPU core voltage, as tried before .
With 2400mhz in the north bridge the 4th CPU core failed in the PRIME95 test, though with NB voltage upped as demanded by most overclockers.

NFS SHIFT 2 plays all fine by 2200mhz HT Link, so FAR CRY 4 must be stressing the CPU to the limit and need more CPU core voltages, or it's a game bug no matters?

geek_microft768, Mar 14, 11:11 am

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