Xp wont recognise my samsung galaxy s3

When I plug my phone into USB port on my computer OS XP a box comes up with transfer files using Windows media player or take no action all I want to do is transfer my photos onto computer but when I go into my computer it doesnt recognise the phone could someone please help me with this problem

geek_stoats, Jan 15, 6:33 am

boot with linux live
plug your camera, find photos.
drag n drop to your winblows drive,
restart, voila!

Or ask here.

geek_zak410, Jan 15, 7:05 am

You need the "Samsung Keas" drivers loaded 1st & then you can use "Windows Explorer" OR "My Computer" to do what ever you want with the phone.

(NOT Internet Explorer)

geek_mrfxit, Jan 15, 7:06 am

Samsung Kies.

geek_black-heart, Jan 15, 7:09 am

geek_mrfxit, Jan 15, 7:14 am

Something like this might be useful. www.downloadcrew.com/article/33086-shareit

geek_r.g.nixon, Jan 15, 8:21 am


geek_hakatere1, Jan 15, 8:33 pm

Thanks very much guys for the info I will download & install kies.

geek_stoats, Jan 15, 10:24 pm

Make sure you have service pack 3 installed also.

geek_jeremy_74, Jan 16, 10:29 pm