How to get into trademe messageboard on a tablet?

Bought a HP 8 G2 tablet and got the app for trademe but I have no idea how to or if I can get in to the messageboard. Can someone please let me know how to? Thanks for any info.

geek_herbiem, Jul 3, 5:22 pm

I have never used the app but im guessing you cant access the MB through it.

You will need to go to the website via a browser.

geek_jeremy_74, Jul 3, 5:27 pm

you need to use the desktop site for the mssageboard

geek_king1, Jul 3, 5:28 pm

Don't use the app

I just Google "Trade Me community". That's how I get into it

geek_melp6, Jul 3, 5:28 pm

This is a tablet of the Samsung flavour - a SM-900 variety.

I have carefully avoided using the app, rather using the supplied browser instead.

geek_ians2, Jul 3, 5:51 pm

Bottom of page make sure you using desktop version not mobile

geek_sred69, Jul 3, 6:22 pm

First you delete the app. Then you type in the web address in you browser. Then you scroll to the bottom and click Desktop Version. You're in.

geek_trevenco, Jul 3, 11:05 pm

why delete the app ? it can be useful.

geek_nice_lady, Jul 4, 6:00 am

I have contacted TradeMe about this. Something they plan to fix apparently. meanwhile you have to google trademe and go through that way.

geek_lynja, Jul 4, 6:31 am

I use Chrome on my PC and android tablet. All my bookmarks are available on my tablet and TM is set for "desktop"

geek_fishb8, Jul 4, 8:24 am

I use Dolphin browser as its got a built in adblocker.

geek_rz_zone, Jul 4, 9:47 am

Thanks everyone. I finally figured it out with your help. Bringing the keyboard up was my stumbling block.

geek_herbiem, Jul 5, 11:07 am

whats with everyone googling it? You do know you can type it into the address book or add it to favourites/bookmarks?

geek_wotz_it_2_ya, Jun 21, 3:02 pm

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