Windows 8.1 help

joanjett, Mar 17, 8:04pm
We set up mums new pc yesterday . and I did not really know what I was doing . anyway I have put a password on to open the pc . is there anyway I can over ride this please

king1, Mar 17, 8:19pm
in the user account settings you need to disconnect from the online account and convert it to a local account. There you will be gve the option of putting in a password, which you can skip

easy as

king1, Mar 17, 8:20pm

joanjett, Mar 17, 8:31pm
Thank you so much king1 . we have done it, and its working just dandy. have a great day . and once again Thank you

king1, May 11, 3:30pm
if she wants a normal start menu you can use this

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