My printer has become fussy about what it prints

venna2, Jun 9, 6:48am
I have a Brother DCP-130C printer which has mostly given good service. Just recently, however, it refuses to print attachments, even when I've saved them in my documents or pictures folders. Nor will it print anything from the internet. It does print ordinary docs from my computer.

When it refuses to print, it tells me that 'no pages have been selected'. However, it also shows very clearly what it is that I've asked it to be print - I don't know how I could 'select' it any better.

Any ideas?

namtak, Jun 9, 8:00am
Try reloading the printer drivers. Might help, failing that if problem persists, chuck it over a bank and buy a new one, they're cheap as chips.

venna2, Jun 10, 1:20am
Will do, thanks.

oakie, Jun 12, 7:08pm
Don't smash it with an axe like I did, you will have glass splinters everywhere in your shed. over a bank as namtak suggests.

cleggyboy, Aug 24, 5:16pm
Collect 3 old ones and use the racks for 3D a printer.

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