Best isp right now?

i just look thru whom ranks best on review on price

geek_intrade, Aug 11, 7:49 pm

And, in better English?

geek_r.g.nixon, Aug 11, 7:50 pm

geek_intrade, Aug 11, 7:50 pm

i did ask once before?
is anyone with unlimited? unlimmited is the name of the isp and not your plan.

geek_intrade, Aug 11, 7:52 pm

I joined unlimited not long after it first started,
The ISP is run by one person ben simpson,ive talked to him before,
His empire if you want to call it that is HD.NET.
When this company started they has major problem with setting up VOIP & dealing with my fibre provider mostly because of the set up.
After a while there staff took over and worked the company from the ground up.
I changed last year to there 100/100 plan & that took time i was with out any connection due to there third party provider even though Ultra fast fibre said they were fast to action my request.
Basically because of problems i have had in the past with them i have being given a fair go deal.
106 a month voip unlimited static IP 100/100 actually im doing 109 up & down with a ping of 6 milisec.
Ben Simpson takes the back role, the main staff work the company.
I think he came into the country with a blank idea But hes got a competitive company & maintaining low prices & one of the lowest prices ISPs,havent had any slow downs on peak or anytime mainly even on a VPN .

geek_ragey, Aug 11, 8:03 pm

Nobody understands what your own personal definition of best is. The fact you want to organise it by price, tells me it's certainly not my definition of best.

geek_black-heart, Aug 11, 8:09 pm

I agree, people want different services for different needs & it varies.

geek_ragey, Aug 11, 8:21 pm

If you want to compare prices in on the fly flick the ISPs a message on face-book,most if not all can help you because its there business on the line.

geek_ragey, Aug 11, 8:23 pm

i have had the problem with snap for 3 years now snap did a few things never resolved the problem. my landline can not call any mobiles it just comes up this number is no longer available or may have changed.
dont matter what i dial same message for any mobile number 022 021 027 you name it that was one problem with snap and its still there.
then when 2 degrees purchased snap the line did not drop out but crawl to 1kb per secound ,that never happened on snap. so now there is 2 problems .
hence i am looking for the best isp again. snap is now history it was the best for a long time for me.

geek_intrade, Aug 11, 9:04 pm

If you live in n area where there is no service, there is no better.

geek_nzdoug, Aug 11, 9:23 pm

buddy i call from a landline how can i not have service?

geek_intrade, Aug 11, 9:44 pm

I told you before, try and see if you have reception for Ubernet.

geek_zak410, Aug 11, 10:16 pm

are you on fibre,because far north has a tons of ways to connect
i don't use this forum because i directly make contact with any ISP in another way & had issues so far, but problems but look into geekzone Oh and by the way if you join & post your problems within your ISP forum u will get a reply from that ISP directly

geek_ragey, Aug 11, 11:35 pm

2 Degrees
Inspire Actrix

These are the only ones left, the rest have been bought out by the main ISPs.

geek_lythande1, Aug 12, 7:45 am

geek_nzdoug, Aug 12, 8:27 am

Vocus isn't owned by any of the others is it?

geek_morticia, Aug 12, 11:29 am

yea and unlimited is its own also like snap was right?

geek_intrade, Aug 12, 8:12 pm

No, they're too big. They own a fair chunk of our internet backbone after acquiring it from FX last year.

geek_lostdude, Aug 13, 8:42 pm

That's what I thought, hence Maxnet and Fyx belong in that list up there.

I couldn't fault Fyx for 3 years and now of course being on Maxnet is just the same network with different options for the same great service.

geek_morticia, Aug 13, 10:50 pm

I changed to flip a couple of years ago. Has been really cheap.

geek_tygertung, Aug 14, 6:17 am

my list is unlimited or slingshot . the others are frawdfsters like inspire claim no contract and then they charge you 99$ for not having a 12 month contract . w,,,k rs like that get crossed of my list of whom i join.
maxnet adress search cant even find a adress i type in there form so X its crossed off also, flip always sayd it was not available at my location So i wont bother calling them either if they cant get things working on a join form then i sure as hell wont wast my money with any of them. probably wait 2 days to answer calls also on the ones who cant even get a internet form to work when they are providing a internet service.

geek_intrade, Feb 13, 4:02 pm

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