Ipad PUKED LOCKED? help! pls :(

i have an apple ipad n i have sold it, i reset n erased all contents n now it says 'puk locked insert a valid sim with no pin lock to activate' the buyer is not happy, so im trying to fix it for her.

geek_tufferys4, May 31, 5:38 pm

just have them remove the sim card and put in a new one of their own. They are all of $2 and sometimes free. or of course they don't need one at all to work on wifi and removing the SIM will get rid of that message

geek_brycer, May 31, 5:44 pm

its a generation 1, dont think it takes a sim? i certainly didnt have one in it? where do u get them from?
thanks for your reply :)

geek_tufferys4, May 31, 5:54 pm

should she hard set it?

geek_tufferys4, May 31, 5:57 pm

If it's complaining about the SIM then it certainly takes one. Yes, iPad 1 was available with a sim slot -- did you not know it had one? Yes, they need to get themselves a new one, or just take it out and it'll work like a non-SIM iPad.

geek_tillsbury, May 31, 7:53 pm

Its a sim issue so it's not your problem. Get them to sort it out themself by calling whatever telco the sim is with to get the puk code or get a new sim.

geek_rz_zone, May 31, 7:59 pm

as you said in your post" insert a valid sim". and 3 people have told you now. don't know what else we can do to help you.

geek_brycer, May 31, 9:17 pm

+1 a PUK lock is on the SIM card. Highly likely someone has turned on the SIM PIN lock setting on the SIM card itself and entered the incorrect SIM PIN too many times, will be nothing to do with the iPad itself.

Tell the buyer its their responsibility to either call mobile company and get SIM PUK code for the SIM that'll be inside the iPad. or get a working SIM card and put that in the iPad.

geek_kieran211, Sep 30, 4:55 pm

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