Faulty Motherboard

nesta129, Jul 16, 12:04pm
I'm using an Asus Sabertooth X58 motherboard and it has been giving me problems with startup.Well I isolated that it was not the PSU (bought a new one)The problem is sometimes the computer does not power up.Usually during cold times,I do not know why.
I just updated the bios and it started powering up fine for a week then back to the usual.Do you know it is the BIOs chip that could be faulty?

schizoid, Jul 16, 12:10pm
you could try a new CMOS battery. It's unlikely to be the problem, but could be.

lucky.gadgets, Jul 16, 2:24pm
memtest the ram if you haven't already

olack, Jul 16, 5:40pm
Google contains all the solutions and a learning curve. Disconnect all cables and leave for 24 hours, even one week allowing every scrap of power to disipate out of the capacitors. trick number 1.

nesta129, Jul 18, 6:05am
Thanks guys. sorry for the late reply but couldn't get on due to you know what!
I am a newbie at this stuff so ill google the memory testing the ram.These boards have problems working with 4gb ram,according to what I have read.
Have never seen that on google ever regarding any boards Olack.Seen the putting the board in the oven one though.But I shall do what you said.I'll buy a computer for the time being till this gets sorted.

olack, Aug 3, 4:31am
I might have been fooling myself then. I have bought a few newer model faulty motherboards and simply replaced the onboard battery to have late model motherboard as a cheap upgrade for me. The installed batterys were not flat by any means but I believe the change in the power flow made the difference that made the motherboards work.

intrade, Aug 3, 5:51am
how old? i have to solder a few caps on one of my old pc one day to resurect it hopfully
putting the board in the oven dont helps caps that only helps kill them most are 105° max rated and to reflow solder you need much higher tems

olack, Aug 3, 6:07am
I think the trick to the oven thing is to cover all else except the chip that needs resoldering. I have experimented with a motherboard in a heated oven before but not successfully. I sent a Onkyo machine that had a faulty audio chip seating on a board to be repaired by the pros for a servicecharge and no parts fee and the guy who owned the machine had the money to pay. To understand what was wrong with the machine I checked YouTube and followed the trick of leaving a halogen lamp over the chipset when the device started up and it proved the audio chip was not solder quite properly on the board because the device worked properly when the heat from the lamp was heating up the faulty solder joints.

olack, Apr 2, 11:17pm
The boards I bought were socket 1155 and 1156. Fine for DDR3 memory and a cheap upgrade. I have done the same with socket AM3+ motherboards, well two of those but the 4 core Phenom CPUs are just so snappy and cheap. I have used a 3.2Ghz which was kind of snappy but a 3.4Ghz will suit me just fine. So I upgraded to the faster DDR3 1600mhz memory for one of them so far. Now to get a hold of a cheap(not likely) Windows 7 installation < how does that happen lol. But I think I might just be happy for once and buy a pro version of Windows10 if I have to.

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