IPad crashing out of webpages

Noticing iPad is crashing out of webpages. iPad goes back to desktop. I have chrome and safari browsers installed. It also crashes out of trying to open emails. Has been happening over the past month or so. Any ideas? Once I go back into chrome, it say, chrome didn't close correctly, then there is a restore button.

geek_market1, Aug 12, 3:31 am

close all your open apps or restart it

geek_king1, Aug 12, 8:38 am

I to have this problem, but only occasionally. And it takes over a minute to boot. It all started about three or four IOS upgrades ago. It has been suggested the iPad 2 does not have the capacity for the IOS 8 and subsequent.

geek_footplate1, Aug 12, 11:13 am

I have an iPad 2 here and it's just fine on iOS 8. I suspect something else is causing the problem.

geek_piperguy, Aug 12, 11:24 am

I have to agree, my nearly 4 year old Ipad 2 started being a problem with the first upgrade, and has continued to worsen with each successive upgrade, so frustrating.

geek_alston, Aug 12, 11:25 am

Sometimes 'cruft' accumulates and a wipe is necessary. Thinking about it, I would back it up to iTunes and do a system restore. Then restore your data from the backup you made.

geek_piperguy, Aug 12, 11:41 am

Yes this is an iPad 2. I have closed a lot of tabs and shut down iPad. Thank you for the suggestion as this seems to have fixed the problem.
Next problem.
When I check emails, I get this pop up, password incorrect, please enter password for outlook, I hit cancel, it pops up three or four times and only when I have entered cancel for each time, I am then able to open my emails. Anyone know how to cancel getting this pop up?

geek_market1, Feb 21, 11:29 pm

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