Advice as to how it works when I.

shipboy, May 18, 11:57pm
look at images on the net such as Tumblr. Those images are stored in the cache file. So, if I clean our the cache file it will remove any history of them, I believe.
As I understand it, If however I "download" an image to my hard drive and I put it on my computer and then delete it, it still leaves a trace of that image in my "slack space".
If I simply surf the net without downloading or saving anything, are images kept anywhere other than the cache file?
Thanks for the help here.

suicidemonkey, May 19, 12:13am
Any file that gets downloaded to your computer (cache or not, it doesn't matter) will stay on your hard drive even after being deleted. It will stay on your drive until being overwritten by a new file.

wembley1, May 19, 12:52am
Or to say it another way - when you "delete" a file, you are actually deleting the reference to the file in the system. Imagine the old card system they used to use in libraries. When you delete a file (book) you are ripping the card out of the card index, the "book" is still on the stacks if you know where to look.

As Mr Monkey says the only way to really get rid of it is too over-write that portion of the disc multiple times. There is software that does "scrub" unused parts of discs to achieve this.

gyrogearloose, Nov 9, 8:30am
The 'cache' is just a special folder that you don't see because you don't know where to look for it. So there's no difference between whether you download it to a folder where you can find it easily, or whether it goes into the cache where you can't find it easily - it's still there somewhere on disk.

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