SPARK scam?

1st off . LMAO . if spark isnt your ISP then yes ignore it , if you are having problems Call your ISP whatever you do dont give out login names & passwords over the phone your real ISP will already have all that and not need it but they may ask to confirm your name & address and the landline number ( spark does when you call them )

geek_trade_menow, Feb 13, 9:53 pm

You've found one? You want one? Your gas stove won't light? Your cat called Spark is wanted by the Chinese? A tad more info is required.

geek_gammelvind, Feb 14, 7:09 am

" An elderly Invercargill woman has been cleaned out of $25,000 after receiving a phone call from scammers pretending to be internet providers.

A second elderly Invercargill woman was also sucked in by the same scam and $5000 was taken from her account, but her bank stopped the transaction before it was transferred overseas.'.

geek_zak410, Feb 14, 9:35 am

and i got customer the other day fell for it too ,lucky they contacted me before they gave out bank details.

geek_velenski, Feb 14, 11:25 am

Elderly people should be put in homes and power of attorney given to the family. fancy blowing their inheritance!

geek_monsieurl, Feb 14, 11:36 am

possibly where I was headed altho I cut them off before they could start. Foreigner claiming to be from spark and there's an "issue with your internet supplier" . I stopped them as I'm not a spark customer.

geek_si50, Feb 15, 10:24 pm

and yet you came here asking . , pretty easy to spot a scam when 1 , theres no issues , 2 they arnt even your ISP

geek_trade_menow, Aug 7, 3:55 pm

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