I notice a lot of you computer gurus (anyone who knows more than me is a guru) recommending to posters to use
I've been paying from memory just under $100 per yr for Norton. Should I drop it when annual renewal comes up & safely rely on the malwarebytes one? Thanks.

geek_leeran, Apr 27, 7:50 am

Norton is an anti-viral as well as whatever else it does. But good luck stopping Norton from helping themselves to your CC forever. once they have your CC details, you have little chance of cancelling the subscription. Plus you also have the issue of removing it. again good luck.

geek_moltenfire, Apr 27, 8:04 am

Re the Norton renewal - if you don't want to auto renew, go into your Norton Account and somewhere there is an option to stop this. Can't be more specific as I used to use Norton but don't anymore.

Malwarebytes have a free version, and a premium version. The free version doesn't offer real time protection, so this is only useful when you wish to manually run a scan (so it won't stop the spyware etc).

As for an antivirus, if you only want to use a free one, I would recommend Avast. If you want a "security suite", ESET Smart Security is what I use. Others that I have tried and liked were F-Secure Internet Security, or one of the Trend Micro suites.

geek_chnman, Apr 27, 8:16 am

Give Norton a call just before renewal time and ask for a 50 per cent discount because all the retailers are selling at discount. I did this and they gave me a refund through my credit card.

geek_bryshaw, Apr 27, 10:26 am

There are two, even three things you are likely to need:
1. An antivirus program, such as Norton.
2. An antitrojan program, such as malwarebytes.
3. An adware & PUP (potentially unwanted programs) remover, such as ADW Cleaner.
You may find that all three programs overlap in their abilities - i.e. All three will recognise some greeblies.

geek_r.g.nixon, Apr 28, 9:09 am

r.g.nixon. having watched your posts for a while and having figured you as 'up there' with good sound advice, I'm surprised to see you advocating for Norton. ?

geek_moltenfire, Apr 29, 4:42 am

I read it that r.g used Norton as an example because that is what is currently installed.

geek_morticia, Apr 29, 4:45 am

Ive tried most of the freebees and now use Comodo Internet Security, its lite, no advertising popups, easy to set up and seems to do the job well. Its a full security suite and free. Avast has go fat, and am not a Panda or AVG fan either. Avira is not bad, used that for a while. Avast went down hill in my opinion after Version 5.

geek_wayne416, Apr 29, 5:13 am

what about Trend Micro ?

geek_sheryl13, Apr 29, 5:29 am

Its not free so don't know. I think you get no better protection using a paid antivirus, most free ones have popups trying to get you to go to a paid version so are free for that purpose but not a lot of difference in protection, if anything just a lot of bells and whistles extra that you probably will never use.

geek_wayne416, Apr 29, 5:40 am

I know there will be opposition but if you are a Spark customer, be aware that they do give you 5 free licenses for McAfee each year as part of the deal. McAfee so long as it is the only AV program you have installed is still better than nothing and I know plenty of users who have it and have been very happy with it, and its respected in the corporate world.

geek_cookee_nz, Apr 29, 10:52 am

Norton and McAfee are the crappiest AV solutions out there and for anyone to say that they are not, does not have any significant IT experience.

OP, get rid of Norton, cancel the subscription.
Then install Panda cloud or Aavast and you wont know yourself, you will notice significant improvement in performance.
Also these two AV programs have better detection rates.
Nothing wrong with using Malwarebytes but its not a substitute for AV software.

geek_nzoomed, Apr 29, 10:25 pm


geek_king1, Apr 29, 11:32 pm


geek_moltenfire, Apr 29, 11:38 pm

Though I agree with your statement about using Avast/Panda and Malwarebytes. 10 years ago Norton may have put strain on startup etc but not anymore.

geek_monsieurl, Apr 30, 8:36 am

It has improved, but nothing spectacular, they HAD to improve or else they would not survive.
McAfee is 10x worse than Norton now.
The free AV solutions out there are still better than Norton anyway.

geek_nzoomed, Apr 30, 8:41 am

I agree re Norton being better than it was 10 years ago, but I had to ditch it due to issues with the new "Norton Security" which is still not available in this part of the world, and they can't tell me why. I managed to get Symantec to transfer my "Norton Internet Security" available days of subscription to the "Norton Security" product, and had terrible experience, most notably there was a bug which was unresolved for 2-3 months which caused computer to take a very long time to shut down or reboot when required. I feel their support has gone backwards.

I now happily use ESET Smart Security.

geek_chnman, Apr 30, 8:53 am

all antivirus program have limitations, and drawbacks. usually the more they try to do the more annoying and demanding they are. I find running no antivirus but doing regular back ups works for me. I do use a couple of free scanners occasionally.

geek_black-heart, Apr 30, 9:09 am

We use NOD 32, Malwarebytes (free version) and Spybot. I have read not to update to the latest Spybot version and stick with version 1.6.2.

My question is - is there a better option to this version of Spybot?

geek_benthecat, May 1, 4:49 am

Indeed. Indeed.

geek_gibler, May 1, 4:50 am

Apparently the commercial version of Norton Security is pretty good.
Noticed that there was a definable difference a few years ago.

geek_mrfxit, May 1, 5:19 am

A good place to start your look for an new AV product is a somewhere like where you'll find they test the most common av suites rigorously and give them a 1 to 6 rating as it stands for the February 2015 tests bitdefender gains 6's across the board

geek_aaron551, May 2, 6:36 am

Of the free antivirus software, Avast is doing very well.

geek_chnman, May 2, 7:07 am

any one have an opinion on using Zone Alarm A/V as it comes as part of their firewall package

geek_zeala, May 5, 11:10 pm

Not a lite AV so don't install on an under powered or old computer from what i read.

geek_wayne416, May 5, 11:30 pm

iirc zone alarm uses a 3rd party AV anyway. kaspersky maybe?

geek_king1, May 5, 11:56 pm

Zonealarm products with antivirus use Kaspersky engine, but AFAIK it is not the latest engine that Kaspersky uses.

I also noted how HEAVY Zonealarm was when I tried it out a few years ago, but that was with the "extreme security" suite so can't say it is the same with just the AV + Firewall.

I think they have a toolbar that gets installed, and not sure if you can do a custom install to avoid it or not.

They have a forum you might want to check out. The one you will want is the one called "ZoneAlarm Anti-virus & Anti-spyware". re toolbar installation:

geek_chnman, Dec 16, 4:11 am