Magic TV Distorted Picture- Still.

johnhb, Dec 12, 11:20pm
Can anyone assist with helping me work out why my Magic TV box continues to distort (see attached screen shot)? I've tried everything I can think of and note it only happens on some things I've recorded (usually the ones I REALLY wanted to watch! ),The only workaround I can think of- (of course the handbook doesn't even acknowledge it) is to try and advance the programme past the distortion, before rewinding to just after the glitchy bit started. Then at least I can watch the programme all the way through. The 60 million dollar question is why the distortion in a machine that's reasonably new? Any theories out there? I did return/ courier it to Hamilton from Auckland but that's a big ask! I also downloaded the latest software for it- again, all to no avail. I think I'd be happy even just knowing what's going on. Normal TV reception is perfect, so it all seems to go back to the Magic TV. Anyone else struck the same problems? Here's the screenshot:

spyware, Dec 13, 4:49am
Looks like corrupt transport stream due to a signal problem. I would be looking at the splitter and RG-6 fly lead used to connect antenna.

crtnz, Dec 13, 6:01am
This ^^^.
Looks like a poor signal problem resulting in pixelation.
Could be cable or Aerial alignment. Check both.

johnhb, Dec 13, 8:21pm
But how could it be a poor signal if I get perfect reception on all channels (without using the Magic TV)? And why is it intermittent? It's almost as if there's a pattern to it.

spyware, Dec 14, 3:09am
You need to watch the live stream of the Magic TV tuner rather than the Sony TV tuner for extended periods. If you see glitches in the live stream then it is a signal issue.

johnhb, Mar 31, 2:12pm
We have the TV playing through the Magic TV tuner permanently with absolutely no problems. The problem ONLY arises on playback, when it gets all glitchy with interference, than grinds to a halt.
Therefore, I think it's reasonable to conclude that it MUST be the tuner on playback?
It's already been down to them in Hamilton once in the last month, before returning with a firmware upgrade. But still- the problem continues. Although my neighbour who has one says that's "just the way they are", I don't know if I accept that. I wouldn't with a car if it stopped every so often for no reason, or any other electrical appliance if it played up in a similar way, so at what point should I say it's a stuffed machine? "Not of merchantable quality", and all that. I must say I'm surprised at Magic TV's attitude.
You suggested spyware, that "Looks like corrupt transport stream due to a signal problem. I would be looking at the splitter and RG-6 fly lead used to connect antenna" but at what point do I say it's all getting beyond a bloke like me's expertise and why should it be me who has to fix it anyway? Fundamentally, I haven't got a clue what I'm doing!.

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