Virus software - what do I buy for new laptop

flashback, Mar 3, 1:55am
I have just bought a new laptop. What software do I need to protect my computer? Is there good free ones. i have bought MS home and student. Do you recommend any other software? We just use it for homework and basic office, internet use.


andrew.t, Mar 3, 7:58am
Microsoft Security Essentials has been overhauled for win 7 and 8, should be ok.
Others are Panda and Avast

r.g.nixon, Mar 3, 8:15am
Windows 8.1 has a beefed up Windows Defender instead of the weak MSE. You don't need anything else.

flashback, Mar 4, 2:51am
Thanks for your help :-)

apollo11, Mar 4, 7:09pm
I've been using AVG free for several years and have never had any issues.

awoftam, Mar 6, 10:16am
Trend Micro; can use it for your phone etc as well.

neell, Mar 8, 1:49am
What ever you do dont get Nortons. Overprice and will slow your computer to a crawl.

newbie5, Mar 10, 2:43am
Or you could always Google Free anti virus and look at the results which will come up with Avg and Avast

dudekrulz, Mar 10, 6:27am
Those outdated myths.

king1, Mar 10, 6:54am
Every year Norton is faster & lighter than ever before. Every year it is the same bollocks

chnman, Jun 1, 3:11pm
Some free antivirus software on link below.

I currently use ESET Smart Security, though ESET also has an antivirus called NOD32.

I used to use Norton Internet Security, but personally I feel they are going backwards and can no longer recommend.

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