Spark down again.

cookee_nz, Feb 11, 5:57pm
Last night approx 6pm went down, router showed connection ok, no browsing & no email, was still down 9.30 at last check when I gave up. Call to their helpline said "some customers may be experiencing internet problems". Cannot find any mention of this outage but the mobile outage in Auckland gets a mention, we're in Porirua, ADSL (waiting for fibre, miss it from our old house). How many others affected and when was it restored?

r.g.nixon, Feb 11, 6:39pm
Check their Twitter and Facebook comments; even Geekzone forums. You can't rely on the Spark Network Status page as they rarely mention faults there.

chnman, Feb 11, 11:09pm

I had no internet from about 6pm last night (when I went to use computer). Was restored around 11pm. I am with Spark and am on ADSL Broadband. My neighbour is also with Spark but his was working, though he has VDSL Broadband. Strange. I am in Wellington.

twinoaks1, Feb 12, 3:34am
I am with Spark and am on ADSL Broadband. No broadband all last evening and I am at Waikanae.


cookee_nz, Aug 21, 10:16am
problem with this rg is that when its down, that's it. Can't access anything. I choose not to have data on my phone so unless I top up my 2degrees data stick I have no way to check. Should be sending spark a bill to use an alternate provider!

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