Wireless earphones for TV

hilt_dwane, Aug 5, 9:01am
Excuse my ignorance (I live under a rock) but is there such a thing? I have endless trouble with my deaf husband who wants to hear every mortal thing on TV and me preparing dinner on a granite bench makes way too much noise. He has two hearing aids, would that complicate things? We have a Samsung TV, would earphones need to be compatible? Where to purchase? Approx cost? Many thanks. Could save a divorce or a death

androth2, Aug 5, 9:24am
They can be bought ,I have some ,but the TV has to have an audio output socket,some do but the volume varies with the main volumecontrol,others dont vary.They have to be put back in the holder to recharge the batteries which can be a problem

hilt_dwane, Aug 5, 9:28am
Thank you for that , does one charge last long? Maybe overnight recharge?

rojill, Aug 5, 10:03am
I know how you feel ! . . . . . Had many a good argument ! ! . . I have had the same problem with hearing the TV - I'm deaf and my other half can hear a mouse breathing at 50 paces ! If your tv has an a spare set of audio outlets, ie, one red socket and one white socket, (plus a yellow video socket - the three are grouped together on the back of the tv and you may also have a extra set on the front under a panel) then you are good to go. There are two makes of stereo wireless headphones on the market at the moment , one a PHILIPS wireless FM model SHCS and the other a German FM Wireless brand SENNHEISER model TR120 11. Both come complete with charging stand, both have on/off switch and volume control on the headset. Just plug in and use
The range is somewhat dependent on the layout of your house and construction materials but I can wander all over the house and as far as the boundaries outside. Cost will depend on who has them for sale on special at the time but expect to pay anywhere between $120 and $180.
The recharge frequency depends on usage but expect to get 2 nights use from either before recharging. Batteries are standard rechargeables. I have both but I prefer the Philips as the ear muffs are softer. The Sennheiser has the greater range.
You can then set the TV volume to suit yourself whilst your other half can sit there with smoke pouring out of their ears, (if they like !). The volume levels are independent of each other.

hilt_dwane, Aug 5, 10:33am
Brilliant! That was so informative thanks so much. I have checked out Noel Leeming, Dick Smith and Harvey Norman so far but not found those

rojill, Aug 5, 10:47am
Noel leeming had them about 5 months ago in Nelson and I bought the Philips from a large discount electrical mart in Lincoln Rd Henderson in Auckland - sorry - can't remember the name. Models may have been superceded

mikep, Aug 5, 10:51am

rojill, Aug 5, 11:05am
Also check
http://www.priceme.co.nz/Headphones/c-500.aspx?m=2296&avs=3163 and for Philips http://www.priceme.co.nz/Headphones/c-500.aspx?m=99
The Philips model I have has a double headband which takes all the weight off the muffs and are very comfortable

rojill, Aug 5, 11:54am
This is the Philips model I have . Available here

eurika, Aug 6, 10:36pm
Talk to your audiologist, some hearing aids have the ability to stream from devices. Some simply require a bluetooth device that plugs into your TV AV output socket or whatever device you want to stream from

nice_lady, Aug 7, 4:44am
cheap and not nasty. A pair of headphones my husband bought off trademe about 4 years ago for $45 work brilliantly well even at 50m range. He'd asked at dicksmiths and they tried to sell him a $350 pair. He didn't think it was necessary to spend that much. HIs headphones work off AAA batteries, they last quite a while and he uses rechargeables which cost virtually nothing to use over and over again. He did find that the 'sender' unit which plugs into the tv, (or whatever appliance you want), ran on a single 'square' 9volt battery it seemed to run flat very fast. Hubby wired a plug in adaptor to it - brilliant.

nice_lady, Aug 7, 4:45am
Oh yeah, another fun thing is these wireless headphones are capable of picking up the police at times. Very interesting to listen to. I would suggest hearing aids won't be cheap in any way at all. They seem to be in the multiple thousands of dollars for some and 'wireless streaming' capable ones would surely be even more expensive ?

hilt_dwane, Mar 16, 2:26am
Nice_lady, I think you may have misunderstood me. My husband wears hearing aids (both ears) and I had wondered if using headphones as well might be uncomfortable. However thank you for info given, also I will check with Bay Audiology to see if the ones he has can be adjusted for use with the TV to save me getting into so much strife - of course I deliberately do it (NOT)!

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