85" TV why would you want one ?

cranken28, Jul 28, 9:09am

suicidemonkey, Jul 28, 9:23am
Well you can pick up a 75" TV for half that. But yeah. too big.

thewomble1, Jul 28, 11:58am
For a club, pub

tillsbury, Jul 28, 12:13pm
Amazing how quick you get used to them though.

sr2, Jul 28, 12:41pm
Call me shallow, (as Mrs sr2 often does) but the answer has to be "because I can"!

farside03, Jul 28, 10:11pm
Hmmm. Think I'll just stick with my 120" 1080p projector

sifty, Jul 28, 11:15pm
Compensation for an acorn-sized appendage.

brapbrap8, Jul 28, 11:56pm
Yeah I have a 55 inch and I would definetly go bigger for my next one.
Only issue is when you to to someones house to watch the rugby and they have a 40 inch screen and it is almost unbearable to watch as the screen seems too small.

suicidemonkey, Jul 29, 12:31am
No idea what large TVs have to do with small feet.

rz_zone, Jul 29, 12:34am
You need big feet to lift a big tv?

tillsbury, Jul 29, 1:42am
Lol I hear you. I used to have a 55, it's just sitting leaning against the wall in the bedroom now. Can't even be bothered putting it up on the wall.

shinedog, Jul 29, 1:50am
Eewwwww. time to biff the 50"

suicidemonkey, Jul 29, 1:51am
It's easy to get used to bigger screen sizes. Just look at the smartphone trend. I have a 6" phone and it feels completely normal to use it now.

Then again TV sizes depend on the space they're in IMO. I have a 42" TV in my room and that's plenty big.

lucky.gadgets, Jul 29, 6:49am
At the right price, why wouldn't you want one?
- say $2K ? because thats what they'll be in a couple of years

10 years ago you'd have been watching a 30" CRT, and saying why would you want a 65" tv?

thewomble1, Jul 30, 7:43am
Would love one but no room in dashboard in the car to fit.

gammelvind, Apr 19, 4:29am
Simple get a bigger car!

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