Trade me and Adblocker plus

footplate1, Feb 6, 7:35pm
I have opened TM three times on my rebuilt laptop and have been inundated with pop- up adverts. Thanks to postings in this forum. I have used Adblocker and it has worked well. Now have to find a way of opening a clean version of Trademe on the laptop. But others may find this note of interest.

mojo49, Feb 6, 8:23pm
Lesson learn't. I always install Adblock plus when doing a rebuild before copying over Bookmarks or Favourites to my browsers and before using the browser for anything other than downloads to get the system runniing.

king1, Feb 6, 10:03pm
probably should be noted that for excessive and intrusive adverts on trademe (or any other site), it is more likely to be a malware infection which Adblock Plus and the like are NOT intended or likely to fix.

For that you should start with

footplate1, Feb 6, 10:12pm
thanks. Will do this next time I boot the laptop.

lythande1, Feb 7, 3:11am
. err. yeah. You'd install adblock on the laptop browser too.

footplate1, Feb 8, 10:02pm
Thank you. Have just installed it.


king1, Sep 2, 11:11am
For clarity, you should install it, run it, CLEAN it, then delete it. It is a one off, standalone tool.

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