Anyone using internet radio via wifi ?

My mil likes to listen to National and Concert radio.

In her armchair - no problem both channels are on freeview.

But any recommendations for a simple to use bedside model that can connect via wifi to her router ?

geek_tintop, May 8, 12:44 pm

I have a logitech UE Smart Radio, which does what you want, but not cheap at $250-300.

geek_pyro_sniper2002, May 8, 12:59 pm

RNZ has an app (Android, dunno about Apple) that gets both National and Concert. Just get a cheap tablet and dl the app.

geek_mikep, May 8, 2:17 pm

Yep - I use it on my phone.

But sadly - unless there are knobs and an on/off switch the old dear is a bit stuck. But she has access to unlimited broadband and phone at a cost that makes me weep. $25 a month :)

Both AM and FM reception is not the best where she is.

geek_tintop, May 8, 2:36 pm

Anything with knobs is going to cost $. Lots of dongles with streaming capabilities but unless you can attach some buttons onto a computer the <$100 option is out.

geek_mikep, May 8, 4:59 pm

geek_cafc2012, May 8, 6:10 pm

geek_cafc2012, May 8, 6:14 pm

I like it! Will have to study that up.

geek_r.g.nixon, May 8, 6:49 pm

Get a freeview set top box and just hook up a speaker only to audio out (no screen)

Then she has to only enter the channel number into the remote, as she is probably already familiar with if she does that in her lounge.

geek_lucky.gadgets, May 8, 9:20 pm

Are there reception issues? Otherwise a $20 clock/radio would be a simple option.

It is what we did for an older family member.

Push button choices for stations as they didn't want the old dial tuning.

geek_soundsgood, May 8, 10:48 pm

You could get her an iPad and the apps for iHeart Radio radio NZ you would be surprised how well she will learn to use it once You Set it up with her Favourites.

geek_mcdaff, May 8, 11:10 pm

Radio NZ app.
Mocha station is my favourite. iPad.

geek_vashti, May 8, 11:45 pm

yip ,ive built 3 now for friends ,work great ,i put one in an old radio case looks cool :)

geek_.pc2u., May 9, 9:08 am

Good idea. I will check that one out.

geek_tintop, May 9, 7:35 pm

Reception s not good - but I will look into a quality receiver.

geek_tintop, May 9, 7:38 pm

Mmmm. She used to be good on a laptop 10 years ago, but is getting steadily worse now :(

geek_tintop, May 9, 7:39 pm

Secret is in the antenna not the receiver, FM radio comes from terrestrial towers typically co located with TV transmitters, i.e., no TV no FM radio. An old VHF TV antenna is perfect for FM reception.

geek_spyware, May 9, 7:42 pm

We use Tivoli radio, got 2, pricy but pulls in the signal with very good output
Sangean are also have a good reputation

geek_raf55, May 9, 7:46 pm

In Warkworth, in a valley. Need to be high up to see tv. Most places have Freeview or Sky. She is in a retirement place. But I will have a look at the piped in tv/radio outlets in her unit. There may be something in her bedroom.

geek_tintop, May 9, 10:09 pm

So what is car radio FM reception like?

geek_spyware, May 10, 10:44 am

haha - i t varies according to where you are. :)

In the valley, not so good. On top of the hills, good :)
AM s not so bad though.

Beauty about National radio on internet is that it is stereo. FM is mono.

geek_tintop, May 10, 12:15 pm

Just happened to come across one in JB Hifi yesterday $215
Ocean brand,

Two knobs, and once set up for my MIL , she will only need to press one on/off, or turn L/R for volume.

And its her birthday next week - 2 solutions for the frice of one!

Will also tune FM, and Digital Audio Broadcast.

geek_tintop, Aug 1, 2:58 pm

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