Gf snapped my laptop cause i played to much lol


geek_gemcars3, Aug 2, 11:47 pm

someone buy me a new one

geek_gemcars3, Aug 2, 11:48 pm

Tell your mum, that will learn her!

geek_zak410, Aug 2, 11:55 pm

im 24 haha to old to tell her

geek_gemcars3, Aug 2, 11:57 pm

get a new gf - that will teach her

geek_trade_menow, Aug 3, 1:08 am

Delete your history. That'll learn you.

geek_sykotik_ninja, Aug 3, 4:10 am

lucky it was the laptop you were playing with

geek_wotz_it_2_ya, Apr 7, 5:27 pm

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