Property boundaries in Google Maps

trade4us2, Feb 21, 4:28am
The property boundaries in Auckland and other cities are shown as lines in Map View. Obviously Google obtains the property information from the local council. My property was subdivided, and that shows on Google.

However the boundaries in my street don't quite line up with the fences on Satellite View. And when I look up the property details (including the names of the owners), many properties are shown as being shared by the neighbours, and that is clearly wrong. Some properties show the message "Overlapping boundaries. This property shares part of its boundary. This is often due to a cross-lease or unit title. It will also occur if two neighbouring properties touch."

When I applied to have fibre connected to my house, Chorus were quite insistent that I share my property with my neighbour, even though I don't.
They want my neighbour to consent for me to have fibre.

I suspect the Council database is wrong. Does anyone know anything about this? Chorus and Auckland City are no help.

r.g.nixon, Feb 21, 5:40am
I can look when I'm at work. I have the data from LINZ. And I have the latest free orthophotos - which will be positionally much more accurate than Google Earth.

trade4us2, Feb 21, 6:19am
Several streets in Parnell and Remuera have the "Overlapping boundaries" message. The website that had the property data has now been removed, so I can't check any further.
But the fact remains that Chorus and others are under a misapprehension about whether properties are shared or not.

trade4us2, Feb 21, 8:06pm
"This layer has a nominal accuracy of 0.1-1m in urban areas"
That could explain the errors. My property is about 700mm wrong.

r.g.nixon, Feb 22, 1:22am
Do you want to post your CT (Title) reference?

lostdude, Feb 22, 1:33am
This will tell you exactly what boundaries the council has documented for your property:

r.g.nixon, Feb 22, 1:39am
Yeah, that is good. I won't have anything better. I have seen precise bearing and distances for boundary lines, at work, but can't remember where they are.

trade4us2, Feb 22, 8:21am
That appears to be correct.
So where does Chorus get their wrong property data from? I have asked them and the Council and they have no idea.

r.g.nixon, Jul 15, 3:53pm
It would have to be from LINZ. Either directly, or via a 3rd party who repackages the data into their own program, such as Custom Software's 'QuickMap'.

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