Cannt open utube

tisi2, Feb 13, 8:02am
Still using windows xp. and till this week have been able to open utube and play back episodes on recall. but now it just reads an error has occured when the screen comes up. also for some time now it reads up top using an older version of internet explorer that we'll soon stop supporting. so guess that is what has happend. as this stage i cannt afford to update to windows 8.1. has anybody else have this prob and been up to fix it albeit it temporaly thankyou kindly

trade_menow, Feb 13, 8:12am
whats the error code - and if IE wont work try firefox / Chrome

intrade, Feb 13, 8:14am
no wonder its called youtube
use firefox and thex change to html5 on youtube i got that message and my browser done some plugin upgrade its ok crashes at times but mostly works i also download in full hd as i can only stream 360p on my rural adsl

intrade, Feb 13, 8:25am
also you can just use linux instead - i have winblows xp winblows 7 crap and kanotix linux all 3 booting to what ever i need to use and linux is online 24/7 here.

trade_menow, Feb 13, 8:26am
and sorry - must be your comp - just turned on elderly laptop with XP and as intrade says " youtube " is fine using IE 8 , Chrome & Firefox

tisi2, Feb 13, 8:34am
thankyou for all your quick replies and advice. now wondering what you do to get firefox. IE 8 or Chrome all words I'm not familiar with . is that like an antvirus or something. you will have to educate me if you have the patience. thankyou kindly

trade_menow, Feb 13, 8:46am

my IE is out of date but it still works - personally not a fan of IE but each to there own they are not antivirus programs all of the above mentioned are web brousers

tisi2, Feb 13, 9:01am
Thankyou trade_menow. i did manage to suss that one. so thought would be clever and download the free firefox web browser. but now cannt open my usual sites as asks for my password so tap in that and now it wont open so went and tried to remove firefox but it wont remove all if it. and still have the icons etc. so wish now hadnt done it till it ws morning and a b thinking a bit clearer. so have stuffed up. ha ha again.

r.g.nixon, Feb 13, 9:06am
Firefox works fine on XP.

trade_menow, Feb 13, 9:08am
LOL yes it will do that as its a new brouser so yip it will ask for the username & password
howd you remove it ? did you right click and go " delete " if you did thats not removing you need to go to control panel and go throu the add / remove - click on the program then click on remove and it may ask to restart the computer after its removed ( or added )

shimah, Feb 13, 12:30pm
Hi Folks I am having the same problem . But I use firefox and windows xp
But when I want to record of YouTube the button is just greyed out I have tried reinstalling YouTube but this doesn't work. I used to work fine.

I would be grateful of any help thanks

hakatere1, Feb 13, 1:13pm

tisi2, Feb 14, 10:54am
Hi trade_menow i did delete by going in to the control panel and thru the add/remove method that is the only way have ever done it. but i have found some things are all most impossible to fully delete . and this is one of them. i still have some icons that have the firefox symbol on them. yet its not recorded now in the settings in the control panel. i will try again when get more time to get my handle round it. but thankyou for your input . very much appreciated. will def do some more study on it.

tisi2, Aug 12, 9:18am
hakatere1 have you donwloaded this. programe yourself. im a bit nervous of stuffing up again if do so . thanking you

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