Gmail oddities

why does it not log things youve forwarded? either in the outbox or sent messages lists?

i forwarded someone a file that i'd previously sent to another address of theirs, cos they didnt get it the first time, for some reason at their end, probably a spam filter

now i have no record of having forwarded it, but the webmail applet said it was sent

geek_pcmaster, Jul 3, 1:35 pm

and whats the deal with chaining messages in conversation groups? can you change the view so they appear as individual messages?

geek_pcmaster, Jul 3, 1:37 pm

Of course. Turn off conversation view.

geek_ross1970, Jul 3, 1:41 pm

I've never had an issue with forwarded messages not being in sent items

geek_suicidemonkey, Jul 3, 1:43 pm

Today I received a message on Gmail that had been sent in late May.
I wonder what parts of the globe that message has been to, and what it has seen and experienced in it's five week voyage. Paris? The Pyramids? Or just a lot of copper and fibre? We will never know.

geek_waipawa, Jul 3, 4:09 pm

they actually got the forwarded copy
i just have no record of having sent it for some reason!

geek_pcmaster, Jul 3, 4:11 pm

took me a month to work out how to turn off that annoying thing that tells you where you've logged in and on what

geek_pcmaster, Jun 27, 11:14 pm

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