What a reasonable webcam for a novice?

express, Mar 19, 2:15am
I see Pricespy has way better prices than those selling on Trademe. Obviously the higher the price the better the product but whats good for Skyping only.

ceebee2, Mar 19, 4:08am

suicidemonkey, Mar 19, 4:23am
The C270 is a good step up if you want HD video.

neoslowmo, Mar 19, 6:46am
Logitech C920
I have this Cam, it's good and does HD

oclaf, Mar 19, 6:47am
Second the C170. I use one. Good quality and does the job well. More expensive than the brandless models, but you do want some semblance of image quality don't you?
The C270 is obviously better, but only if HD is important to you.

velenski, May 5, 10:06pm
C170 most popular one i sell.

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