Patents aren't made in the way they were intended

black-heart, Feb 27, 8:25pm
Claims APPLE.


$532 million later, well worth the laugh, thanks.

remmers, Feb 27, 9:10pm
Only in the Lone Star State - Google and Samsung next!

mrfxit, Feb 28, 12:04am
Apparently the law suit was made by a company that has no offices/ products etc but chase patent infringments

black-heart, Feb 28, 1:31am
Perhaps, but they do apparently own rights to the technology apple used. (Even apple didn't dispute that.) And their company exists to sell licenses to use their patented tech.

farside03, Jun 28, 11:24am
Much as I am into Apple getting a taste of their own, I'm not entirely sure how much is too much.

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