Patents aren't made in the way they were intended

Claims APPLE.


$532 million later, well worth the laugh, thanks.

geek_black-heart, Feb 28, 9:25 am

Only in the Lone Star State - Google and Samsung next!

geek_remmers, Feb 28, 10:10 am

Apparently the law suit was made by a company that has no offices/ products etc but chase patent infringments

geek_mrfxit, Feb 28, 1:04 pm

Perhaps, but they do apparently own rights to the technology apple used. (Even apple didn't dispute that.) And their company exists to sell licenses to use their patented tech.

geek_black-heart, Feb 28, 2:31 pm

Much as I am into Apple getting a taste of their own, I'm not entirely sure how much is too much.

geek_farside03, Jun 28, 11:24 pm

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