Can I set up my TV to watch TV ON Demand shows?

menziesp, Mar 7, 4:10am
I don't know whether this should be posted here or in TV, so will post it there too.

I have a Panasonic TV (not a new "smart" TV), a couple of years old - DLNA-capable. Can I set it up so I can select a TV On Demand program on my computer but watch it on the TV in the living room?

The TV does not have Wi-Fi but I can run an Ethernet cable to it from my UFF modem, which I think would give better performance>

If it is technically feasible to do this, what do I need to buy, how do I set it all up and are there any particular difficulties I need to be aware of?

I'd be very grateful for any/all guidance.
Best Regards PatM

mattnzw, Mar 7, 8:01am
Buy a small cheap pc and connect that. Control it with a touch pad.

mikep, Mar 7, 10:22pm
I've got a Sony Bravia about the same age, so your Panasonic should have similar connections. All you need is a spare HDMI port, and preferably a spare USB. Then you get a Chromecast (about $60) and plug it in, configure it for your home Wifi (the TV doesn't need to have Wifi). Then use the Chrome browser on your computer to cast the TVOD to the Chromecast.

It sounds a bit techo but it works, and is cheaper than buying a new TV or another PC.

stampy5, Mar 8, 2:39am
TVNZ on Demand(the new app) have blocked Chromecast due to an agreement to be exclusive with Samsung Televisions ( if you want to view on a big screen) have emailed Panasonic but don't seem to be able to get around it.

mikep, Mar 8, 3:44am
Only on non-Samsung tablets and phones. Just checked now, and casting from Chrome browser on a PC iworks. You just have to register.

menziesp, Mar 9, 11:12pm
Mikep - thank you very much.

Will give it a go.


richardw13, Mar 10, 2:05am
You can buy a cheap computer that will run tvnz ondemand, eg a core2duo, 2-4Gb of ram for under $60, so cheaper than a chromecast. I got one for about $40, and put windows 10 on it. Chromecasts aren't particaully reliable I have found as they crash and freeze up, and you need another device to run them anyway. eg If you are casting a tab, you need a really good connection , and the computer closeby to control it. The picture can also stutter, it is hopeless over wifi really. You therefore will get best results with a computer connected to the tv.

mikep, Mar 10, 4:41am
Could be just you. I get perfect reception via wifi, the Chromecast has never crashed.
OP already has a PC and TVOD runs fine on Chrome. I'm interested in how you get a PC + keyboard, mouse, monitor and a legal copy of Windows 10 (which I don't think has been released officially yet) for under $60.

-mung-, Mar 10, 4:43am
That is outrageous.

acrobat, May 23, 5:31pm
Get an "apple tv" box, for less than any computer, plug it into the telly via a hdmi cable, plug the apple tv into to your network either wirelessly or via usual cable, then simply airplay from your iPad or other "insert make here_pad" if you have one, cheap and easy and works really well.

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