Laptops for teenagers

I am buying 2 laptops for my kids. What are good brands at the moment? Want to spend about $1200 on each.

geek_simon64, Aug 25, 9:08 pm

Asus and Toshiba are good brands

geek_suicidemonkey, Aug 25, 9:35 pm

Lucky kids

geek_lilyfield, Aug 26, 6:55 am

I always buy Toshiba. Different models have different specifications.
Do a web search for Toshiba and then click on the SPECIFICATIONS tab to see what it lists. I always buy the one that is built tough, and if dropped and has drink spilled on it, will still keep going. My last Toshiba was a Toshiba Satellite A200 and it lasted 8 years. I got a computer technician at The Laptop Company Christchurch, to load everything, and have it ready to go. I don't use windows security, and pay for ESET nod 32 security 8. Used with Windows firewall, as well.
The A200 was my first computer and I now have a new Toshiba Tecra and have learnt from my previous mistakes, to take better care of my new notebook. One is to keep it in a carry bag, zipped up, to stop it clogging up with dust and having to get it cleaned out! I'm taking better care of this one and hoping it lasts longer than 8 years! lol!

geek_iwikiwi, Aug 26, 7:06 am

Just a quick question :) how old are your kids? I want to get a laptop for my 13year old but have been also looking at tablets. It looks like I can get tablets with similar specs for half the price?. Also have had Toshiba recommended to me everywhere I go :) But it depends on what they are used for ie gaming or homework :)

geek_hawkeye30, Aug 26, 11:49 am

at that price point brand shouldn't matter so much. It really depends on what you need them to do. If integrated graphics are fine (i.e. gaming isn't important) personally I'd be looking at Lenovo or Dell. But that doesn't mean you should rule out others. It may be worth looking at which manufacturers have the best warranties if anything.

geek_schizoid, Aug 26, 3:39 pm

Three years ago I purchased a cheap Compaq for my teenager daughter she already had quite a good Dell desktop. The Compaq was adequate for two years and last year I upgrade to Dell Inspiron 3000 running Windows 7 Professional. I don't have all the specs at hand but I asked the guy who looks after my computers and a work mate who builds his own (does a lot of gaming). According to both of them I was getting very good value for money and I spent a little over $1000. I have one extremely happy teenager at university.

geek_joanie04, Aug 26, 9:32 pm

Asus seems to be very good bang for buck at the moment.

geek_cameragod, Jan 11, 9:13 am

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