Any TV specialists or knowhow people here

tablelanddragon, Sep 23, 2:27am
The picture has gone on our Sony Bravia (about 8 years old). Anything we can do to fix it or check to see if it can be repaired - ie new bulbs. and if so is it worth it expense wise. or is it a matter of throwing the whole thing.

mm12345, Sep 23, 3:14am
8 years isn't a bad run. Yes - the tubes or inverter or power supply board or whatever has failed can probably be replaced, but will probably cost more than the TV is worth, unless you're skilled at DIY and finding the right cheap parts on Ebay etc.
You'll probably find service shops who could check it out - if you can take it in - for $30 or some similar minimum fee.

spyware, Sep 23, 4:10am
CRT, Projection or LCD?

tablelanddragon, Sep 23, 5:09am
it's LCD

lugee, Sep 23, 6:53am
Since there's a thousand possible reasons why "the picture has gone," we won't be much help without a lot more detail.

ryanm2, Sep 23, 6:56am
Look online with model number and search faults. Our Samsung lost its picture and with the replacement of 3 , $2 capacitors from Jaycar it was fully repaired. There was an extremely handy youtube video which showed you what to do.

black-heart, Sep 23, 7:09am
Most likely its the backlight, but given that you didn't already know that. you are probably screwed. bravia backlight inverters go for around $25 US

tansey, Sep 23, 10:04am
And where do I get a backlight? Is it difficult to replace the backlight? It was going one minute then faded out to a grey blue cloud across the screen.

lugee, Sep 23, 11:07am
I don't think you should be attempting anything. There are voltages inside that could instantly kill you even after unplugging. Either try your luck with paying someone else, or write it off and buy a new one.

But anyway, you shouldn't even be looking at buying any parts yet as you don't know what has died. Before buying anything you'd need to go through a troubleshooting process.

black-heart, Oct 23, 4:03pm
I in no way condone the course of action you are considering, but ebay.

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