Bluray player region unlock code

Anyone know the code to unlock a Panasonic DMP-BDT230?

geek_lespat, Apr 20, 11:57 am

geek_king1, Apr 20, 12:02 pm

Take it to a Panasonic service agent. They can unlock the DVD region code, but NOT the Blu-Ray code. that has to be done with a Mod Chip.

geek_serpico_nz, Apr 20, 12:59 pm

Apparently if you can get the unlock code it is simple to do yourself with the remote. Problem is I can't find code for this particular model

geek_lespat, Apr 20, 5:55 pm

the unlock codes work for DVD region only not bluray, I work in an industry where we can get panasonics de-zoned for free under warranty but it is only for the DVD not Blu Ray zone

geek_monid, Apr 20, 6:16 pm

Someone should sue Panasonic through the WTO for breach of competition law.
Of course if we go ahead and sign up to TPPA, then our laws might change to prohibit free-trade, in favour of US laws based on studio bribes and White House lobbying.
Anyway, two possible easy solutions:
If you have paid to view a movie that you can't access due to bluray zone, download it via torrents - and if you get a "warning" - reject it on the basis that you've paid to view it. I strongly suspect that if you can prove ownership of the Bluray, then their case would be thrown out of any NZ court.
Go to The Warehouse and buy a cheap Bluray player (Veon) which is Bluray zone-switchable.

geek_mm12345, Apr 20, 7:30 pm

it is not only Panasonic, most Blu ray players are only set up to work for the zone of the country they are sold in.

geek_monid, Apr 20, 7:43 pm

I want it to play music DVDs I bought in the US. Never had a problem with US sourced bluray discs, it only seems to be some dvds. Anyway a mate unlocked his player ( we played my discs on his last night) and there are codes available online but I just can't find one for my particular model. He will come around at some point to have a go on my player but thought I would try here while I'm waiting for him.

geek_lespat, Apr 20, 8:28 pm

you should be able to find a code for unlocking the DVD but not the blu ray functions

geek_monid, Jan 31, 3:23 am

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