So what's happening is that my tablet is receiving emails but as soon as they arrive they disappear. Any ideas why this is happening? I would also like to point out that the tablet is new and we are just setting it up.

HELP thankyou.

geek_quiz3, Mar 21, 10:52 am

What colour is the tablet?

geek_lugee, Mar 21, 11:08 am

Is that supposed to be funny or am I missing something.!

geek_quiz3, Mar 21, 11:26 am

The joke obviously but anyway, no-one can help you if you don't provide any relevant information. I.e. what brand of tablet, the version of the tablet OS and which email app you are using.

Since you are setting it up for the first time, there will be no doubt, a multitude of updates that need to be applied before you can use any app correctly. Have you done this?

geek_lostdude, Mar 21, 11:48 am

Many thanks for your reply. We have sorted it all out and it appears that in this case we couldn't have the same email address as we have on our desk top. However we are away now and it's just a matter of trial and error and "playing around" with the whole new idea.

geek_quiz3, Mar 21, 3:09 pm

Actually there should be no reason on any platform that you can't use the same email address across all your devices unless you were trying to create the same email as opposed to signing in with it.

geek__drdee_, Mar 21, 5:19 pm

That's weird, we have the same emails coming to two iPads, a PC and two android phones.

geek_gammelvind, Mar 21, 6:44 pm

Well I have a similar problem!
We're with xtra and usually use our desktop for emails. On the Tablet, a fairly new Samsung Tab S, the emails appear, but disappear once the main computer is switched on and the email programme opened - then they're gone from the tablet. No big deal for me, but could be a pain if we were away and used free wireless, say at a café or phone box. The email programme I'm using is the Samsung one that was preinstalled, however I set up the Gmail one as well and it's messages remain, don't delete unless told to - I very rarely use the Gmail address though.
I've had a fiddle with the programme settings but haven't succeeded in solving the mystery yet - maybe it's in the desktop xtra settings, hadn't thought of that?

geek_wron, Mar 22, 4:20 pm


Much easier to just switch over to a modern email provider though and not bother with Xtra

geek_vtecintegra, Mar 22, 4:29 pm

Set the PC email program to NOT delete from server. What is happening is the PC is deleting from server and any emails on the tablet it is doing what it its supposed to do, ie checking emails and finding some have been deleted so it deletes from its email program as it thinks you no longer want them. Its called syncing, what you do on one device the others follow.

geek_wayne416, Mar 22, 4:34 pm

its the GCSB.

geek_ctnz, Mar 22, 4:34 pm

Thanks wayne416.
We use Microsoft outlook for email on the desktop, any ideas on how I find the "don't delete" check box?
I right clicked on the outlook button on the bottom task bar and there's a Delete option 3rd from the bottom of the list, but I am reluctant to click on it in case I stuff up the whole programme!
Or is it somewhere else?

geek_wron, Mar 22, 11:29 pm

Well I'm with xtra and have desktop, tablet and smartphone all using same xtra email address and have never had a problem.

geek_franny8, Mar 22, 11:35 pm

geek_wayne416, Apr 29, 2:59 am

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