Broadband Slow - conklin exchange

Vodafone says we have a conklin exchange and suck it up, it's only going to get worse. Up to Chorus to upgrade sometime in the distant future.
download is 0.62 Mbps, upload 0.64, pings 81 !

geek_mcscottwgtn, Feb 8, 6:01 am

Yep, Your options are.

Suck it up.
Use cellular data.
Use satellite data.
Use a friends in town.
Get a life a read a book.

The conklin is fed by a 2Mbit stream but unfortunately you share that with the other 9 people who may or may not be connected and if someone downloads large files or likes to watch Youtube then your data will slow.

geek_exwesty, Sep 4, 5:13 pm