Slow it just me?

lettice, Feb 6, 3:14am
I'm on broadband, but this week it's slower than I remember dial-up. There's a possibility that my grnadbrats have maxed out my broadband entitlements. how can I tell if that is the problem?

sarah19711, Feb 6, 3:18am
Test your ping/download speed/upload speed here: also depending what ISP your with you can login to their website and check your internet usage meter incase you've gone over the allocated data you get each month. If you have gone over the service provider has most likely put you on dial up speeds until it gets reset the following month.

mr-word, Feb 8, 11:37am
If you haven't exceeded your data cap try turning your router on and off.
To reset it.

schizoid, Sep 3, 4:55am
WiFi or Ethernet? I've found the routers the ISP's can send (at least in the case of Slingshot) can be absolutely awful for WIFI.

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