arcane1315, Feb 24, 8:17am
Can I watch any streaming video through this - or will it only play from sites like utube etc? There are a few sites that I use that have the latest tv series etc on - and wondered if these will work?

mikep, Feb 24, 8:58am
If you can access the sites with the Chrome browser (not FF or IE) you should be able to stream them. Just click the Chromecast icon at the top right of the browser window.

TV OnDemand and a couple of other sites I've used work fine.

nick91111, Feb 24, 11:02am
Yip. There are a couple mobile apps (e.g iOS) e.g YouTube and Plex app in which you can cast via the app, or as mikep says pretty much anything you can view in a Chrome tab can be cast as well. The nice thing about apps is it streams via the Chromecast so you can turn off your device etc.

lostdude, Feb 25, 12:22am
As #2 suggested. Open whatever site via Chrome (the webbrowser) on your computer/laptop/tablet/phone and cast it to Chromecast. Otherwise as #3 stated, you can cast from other apps as well that support Chromecast.

ewanjs, Feb 25, 12:45am
does not work with lightbox but everything else i have tried works great

arcane1315, Jul 8, 8:57am
thanks guys. got it working and all is so far so good with what i want to watch :)

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