Find iphone app for laptop

I have my phone and laptop. When on my phone I can look at the find my iphone app and see where the phone and laptop is. What I want to do is download the app so I can check it on the laptop. When I look in the app store from the laptop it doesn't come up with any app for the laptop. I am thinking if I lose the phone I will need to look from the laptop but not sure what I need to download ? if you know what I mean. Any help please

geek_tanya170, Aug 13, 9:04 pm

Just login to to locate your idevices.

geek_lostdude, Aug 13, 9:13 pm

You don't need an app. Just login to icloud from any device on any browser to find the last recorded position of your macs or ios devices.

geek_brycer, Aug 13, 9:35 pm

thanks everyone

geek_tanya170, Feb 19, 4:58 pm

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