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fendie, Sep 15, 3:35am
Hi, I can cope with changing the size of the fonts in emails, but now that I have changed to Windows 10 my bank statements have become eye wateringly small. (and yes they are trying to match the amount of $$ . ) I can get it to extremely small and then back to small again. how can I make it more readable ( and more money of course) Nothing much else is changed, just this one. Even the rest of the bank stuff is OK

r.g.nixon, Sep 15, 5:29am
Depending how you view your statements, try Ctrl+ to zoom in.

fendie, Sep 15, 6:26am
Aha, it worked, you are brilliant, thank you hero.

r.g.nixon, Nov 16, 10:21am
Whoa! That was a lucky guess! Brilliant and Hero are my middle names!

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