ICloud renewal scam

raf55, Mar 30, 5:54pm
Just had an email asking to renew my iCoud account or my information will be deleted
A scam, of course
But worrying for those who believe everything they read

carter19, Mar 30, 6:24pm
How do you know its a scam?

suicidemonkey, Mar 30, 7:06pm
Because it is a scam. iCloud doesn't need to be renewed. It's free.

gibler, Mar 30, 7:56pm
the whole internet is a worry for those who believe everything they read.

brycer, Mar 30, 8:04pm
Rubbish. 5Gb is free. You can pay for more, just like other providers.

raf55, Apr 8, 10:09am
Wrong or rather old email address, the tone and a Google check

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