Corrupt sd card?

So my samsung s4 mini started throwing tantrums and shutting itself down all the time, eventually wouldn't turn on at all. so went and got a new handset, an Alcatel one touch, popped my sim card and sd card in there and have had nothing but problems.

First it didn't recognise there was an sd card in there and no pictures or anything would show up, then it randomly started working but even with mobile data switched on, it won't connect to internet when I'm not on wifi, and now it's telling me the sd is corrupt.

I don't want to reformat the sd card cause I don't want to lose the pictures!


geek_sweeney25, Jul 4, 9:12 am

Put it in a card reader attached to a PC. Run recuva (free from Piriform via to get your photos - may or may not get many of them.

geek_r.g.nixon, Jul 4, 9:22 am

where do I get a card reader from?

geek_sweeney25, Jul 4, 9:33 am

Backup (always) your photos and get a new sd card.

geek_rz_zone, Jul 4, 9:42 am

i've just bought an sd card reader on here

geek_sweeney25, Jul 4, 9:48 am

If, using your new card reader, it still says that the card is corrupt, then do a quick format on the card and then run recuva or photorec. A quick format does not erase any of the data, it just writes a new index table and means the recovery programs can still search and find blocks of usable data.

geek_gyrogearloose, Jun 26, 2:55 am

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