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imagine4ever, Apr 10, 7:53pm
Hi - what's the best way, or who are the best people to go to to get your website listing at the top of a search bar, what search bar is the most popular to use? I've created a website through WEBS but need to get viewed and not computer literate so if anyone knows someone who is reasonably priced.

suicidemonkey, Apr 10, 8:35pm
Jump onto Google and type in "SEO". It's all about keywords. It takes a bit of work, and there's no easy way to do it. At the end of the day, it's not always possible to get to the top, but you can usually get to the first page pretty easily.

You can hire businesses to do it for you, but it's not cheap.

imagine4ever, Apr 10, 9:32pm
Thanks Suicidemonkey - appreciate your advice. Enjoy your Friday.

mrfxit, Apr 10, 9:40pm
Google also re-ranks websites that use the tricks a lot, right back to the bottom.
Genuine popular is the only real way to be at the top consistantly

newbie5, Apr 10, 10:13pm
Its not only seo but you also need to drive traffic to your website as well.
you can have the best website in the world but without traffice nobody will see it.

mrfxit, Apr 11, 12:28am
website name on everything you drive.
Business cards dropped at every business you visit.
Friends handing out a few cards.
Facebook & Twitter links/pages (they can be set to feed each other from comments).

-bookzone-, Apr 11, 12:41am

mattnzw, Apr 11, 1:37am
As it is an overseas system, it may have trouble being found by default as a NZ website by some search engines. This is why you are best to go to a web designer if you are setting up a business website.

lythande1, Apr 11, 2:00am
Advertising it on TV works.

newbie5, Apr 11, 4:31am
A domian name with your niche included is also a good idea

newbie5, Apr 11, 4:34am
I dont think it matters where you get your site made it is the Domain name and good content that will get it listed on the search engines also good backlinks help.

I have had websites hosted in USA with dot com or dot net domains on the first page of Google even now with amazon products I can get page 1 rankings

lordtopcat, Apr 12, 8:56am
Check out Google's Webmaster Tools. Fantastic tool and quite powerful :)

suicidemonkey, Feb 25, 3:29am
Server doesn't matter, it's all about the keywords.

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