Scam or not?

Had an Asian guy ring me from "Windows" to tell me four people have stolen my Windows key. If I logged on, he would be able to help me. I asked his full name, address and full phone number and I would ring him back and discuss further. After much arguing on his part, he hung up. Any chance this is a rort? Peter

geek_pete48, Aug 7, 7:01 pm

Yes, no question about it, now please supply me with your credit card details. for verification purposes only of course.

geek_ctnz, Aug 7, 7:05 pm

ya think.

geek_brycer, Aug 7, 7:06 pm

How could it NOT be a scam?

geek_suicidemonkey, Aug 7, 7:06 pm

Your biggest mistake was not asking him for his credit card number.

geek_namtak, Aug 7, 7:39 pm

Pete. I am horrified. In your profile you say 'achieving starts with believing' and yet you doubted this poor person, who after all was only trying to help. Shame upon you. If you are fortunate enough to be given this opportunity again, I trust you will grab it with all your being, and have your credit card and passwords handy.

geek_richard112, Aug 7, 8:53 pm

I may have been inclined to believe him if his engrish had been better. I wouldd've thought Microsoft employed competent communicators. I'll keep the credit card handy though.

geek_pete48, Aug 7, 9:10 pm

Any chance this is a wind-up? - same percentage methinks

geek_cookee_nz, Aug 7, 10:29 pm

People are employed by Microsoft I don't think "Windows" is actually a business that employees anyone lol.

geek_joanie04, Aug 7, 10:50 pm

No but Epic Windows is!

geek_suicidemonkey, Aug 7, 11:28 pm

Stole it how exactly?
And logging in would do what exactly?
People just need to think logically.

geek_lythande1, Aug 8, 7:36 am

Yes, you could be right.

As a 78 yr old and no computer geek,i can smell a rat from miles away,and if a person falls for this and others,than yes, no Brainer,after all those cons and warnings on the net.

geek_tradenow100, Mar 13, 11:21 am

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