Magic TV Box

johnhb, Sep 7, 7:56am
Anyone have this, and can give some feedback on some of the issues?

mikep, Sep 7, 10:07am
I've had one for a few years (it's the 500gb one) and I had a few issues where the solution was just turn off/turn on. It's still working fine but the drive is filling up.

aph4u1, Sep 7, 10:51pm
I've had one for about 4 years. Replaced hard drive with 1 TB. I occasionally get hard drive fault " No Hard Drive". Just power down and it clears. 1 annoying thing is it flashes "REC" on screen when its recording.

johnhb, Sep 11, 8:56am
Mine just freezes, not all the time but just on a few of the movies.

mikep, Sep 11, 10:42am
Intermittent things like that are REALLY hard to diagnose.

I recommend you talk to these guys:

johnhb, Nov 25, 3:19pm
Thanks Mike- that was my first (only) port of call? However, this requires I courier the thing to Hamilton (who pays?), locate the receipt, (long gone, I think) etc. etc. etc. May have to resort to that.

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