240 volt computer case fan needed.

I have a need for a small 240 volt cooling fan.
A computer case fan about 80mm x 80mm, or there-abouts would be great but I need it to run on 240 volts.
Not in a computer but to cool a small 240 volt heatsink I have. It's in a small electrical enclosure so I don't have a great deal of spare space to fit a fan.
Don't really want to go with a normal computer case fan (5 volt, 12 volt?), plus an adapter to cut the 240v down.
That's just adding more junk to the system.
I can buy one on Amazon, but figured there must be something here in NZ.
Any thoughts?

geek_gettinggrey, Jun 29, 2:13 am

geek_floydbloke, Jun 29, 2:17 am

Thanks fb.
Much appreciated.
Never thought about Jaycar.
Yes, a bit dear, but some 12v is more than that anyway.

geek_gettinggrey, Jun 29, 2:23 am

geek_shall, Jun 29, 2:42 am

Thanks shall,
what a great wee site.
Lots of treasures in there.
Found an 80mm x 80mm that will do the job just nicely.

geek_gettinggrey, Jun 29, 3:22 am

geek_tmenz, Jun 29, 5:00 am

Thanks tmenz, I've bookmarked them too now, for future reference.

geek_gettinggrey, Jul 11, 11:05 am