burt32, Feb 14, 1:37am
Hi,I need help with a ymail acc. I,m asked daily to change my password. have contacted provider awhile back and they say its my end, witch it is not, tried different computers. Now I can not even get in to change password. been on hold with provider for over an hour now! I'm over ymail!

lilyfield, Feb 14, 2:56am
Get a g mail account

ianalice1, Feb 14, 6:05am
Whats Y mail anyways?

burt32, Feb 14, 7:44am
Thanks for the advice. Was trying to sort out ymail first so i could change all my phone bill etc accounts. Got a gmail account now. Now the fun of letting all my contacts know of the change, lol.

ps ymail is apart of yahoo.

lilyfield, Feb 14, 8:16am
You will never regret having a gmail account for life

comadi, Aug 12, 9:25pm
Get inbox.com.
5 gb is a ton for me and it is superior to use than gmail !

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