Hdmi cable

blondini13, Feb 23, 9:23am
please excuse my ignorance!
I have 12months free lightbox from spark and am looking for an hdmi cable however there a lots of different ones on TM to buy. What one do I need? spark wbsite says I just need an hdmi cable to hook my lappy up to my tv. It also says if I have a Samsung smart tv (which I do in the bedroom) I can hook that up but im not sure how.

Any advice is greatly appreciated!

spyware, Feb 23, 9:25am
Samsung smart TV would need to connect to your computer network via either wireless or wire (the structured cat5/6 cabling that you didn't bother getting) in order to use its inbuilt Lightbox app.

blondini13, Feb 23, 9:29am
its not that I didn't bother to get it, I didn't know to get it. I have had a Samsung smart for 2 years now and only just got a free 12 month lightbox sub two days ago. Ive never used my Samsung tv as a smart tv so would it be possible for it to pick up my broadband connection when I switch it on? again, apologise for my ignorance but ive never had to use my tv over wifi.

rayonline_tm, Feb 23, 9:45am
Just go into the settings or whatever and it should ask you for your WiFi password after selecting it or just use a network cable if the router is close by (if you don't have cabling thru the walls).

pyro_sniper2002, Feb 23, 9:49am
You really do have a way with people eh.

spyware, Feb 23, 9:51am
I know.

blondini13, Jul 11, 11:01pm
haha yes pyro obviously! thanks rayon, will give it a go in the morn. Thanks for your help :)

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